Test Applications

The following table shows the nine basic test applications we developed for our experiments on GUI performance testing. They are divided into three categories: four tests for keyboard and mouse input, four widget tests, and one timing test. Each test consists of a minimal Java GUI application that exposes the specific feature we want to test.

Application Description Source Code
TextField Keyboard input in JTextField TextFieldTestFrame.java
MouseMove Mouse movements MouseMoveTestFrame.java
MouseDrag Mouse drags (while button pressed) MouseDragTestFrame.java
MouseClick Mouse button clicks MouseClickTestFrame.java
Component Detection of component events ComponentEventTestFrame.java
Scrolling Scrolling a JTextArea ScrollingTestFrame.java
FileDialog Navigating a directory tree in JFileChooser FileDialogTestFrame.java
ComboBox Selecting item in JComboBox popup HeavyComboBoxTestFrame.java
Timing Synchronization of clicks with timer TimerTestFrame.java