Notes on setting up this site

There seem to be three ways to add images to a node:

  • Attachments to nodes (core Upload module is sufficient), display using <img src="sites/default/files/...">, can also use image cache (<img src="sites/default/files/imagecache/...">) example page with attachment
  • Image nodes (Image module), display inline e.g. using ImageAttach? module
  • CCK ImageFields (stored in a field that is part of the node type). E.g. example node with image field

Is there a way to do it where images are NOT nodes, but also we don't need to use a special node type (that includes an image field) to upload an image we want to display on a page. Also, we want to share a given image between multiple pages.

Here is a page with an overview of upload modules.


We use CCK ImageFields and create a content type "Page with images". No extra UIs (we manually use the upload field provided by ImageFields)