Inaugural Lecture

On October 17, 2013, Matthias gave his Inaugural Lecture here at the University of Lugano. From the invitation:

In ancient times, the concept of “inauguration” meant the act of entrusting something that was about to begin to the benevolence of the gods – who were consulted by reading the birds’ flight – in order to guide it towards a successful future. The inaugural lectures are supposed to serve as an official celebration of our new professors’ academic path at USI, hoping that their itinerary will be rich of adventures and experiences.

Here is the recording. Remember that this is a lecture for the general public, not a conference talk.

Anna watched the lecture and documented it in this drawing (the two men in black are the former and current President of USI).

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Thanks to all the present and past members of the Sape research group, and to Sara Ambrosini ( for the permission to use her fantastic cover art.