Trevis - Tree visualization and analysis library

Trevis is a tree visualization and analysis framework that allows users to visualize, compare, cluster, and intersect context trees, such as calling context trees produced by profilers.

TreeMapRenderer LinearRenderer RadialRenderer HighriseRenderer
(tree map) (icicle) (sunburst, CCRC)


  • Getting Started with Trevis: How to use Trevis to visualize your own data
  • Comparison with Trevis: How to enable Trevis to compare your trees
  • Clustering with Trevis: How to use Trevis' hierarchical agglomerative clustering
  • Intersection with Trevis: How to intersect (or unify) two trees


You can download the source code of the basic Trevis components necessary for visualizing trees.


Other Tree Visualizations

Trevis is a framework and currently supports four different tree visualizations. It could be extended to support many more.

For a great survey on tree visualizations, check out by Hans-Joerg Schulz!

Trace Visualization

Besides our work on tree visualization, we also are interested in visualizing temporal data in the form of performance traces.