Here are some photos of members of our group.

Four generations meeting up at PLDI'12
Dmitrijs, Amer, Kathryn, Dmitri, Dimtri's wife Elena, Matthias
A PLDI'12 Highlight
Yossi Gil substituting for Dmitrijs, so Dmitrijs can keep talking to Alex Potanin. And as if substituting as a poster presenter was not enough, a few minutes later Yossi points out a brilliantly simple way to get rid of most of the overhead of algorithmic profiling.
Four generations meeting up at OOPSLA'11
Milan, Matthias, Amer, and Kathryn Andrea, Matthias, Amer, and Kathryn
Milan's Thesis Defense Dinner
Atif, Walter, Matthias, Dmitrijs, Milan