You can find the Sape Research Group at the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano. Our university is located in the Swiss city of Lugano, at lake Lugano, near the Italian border.

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Reach us by plane

To reach us by plane, fly to Lugano airport (LUG), e.g. with Swiss via Zurich (ZRH), or fly to Milan Malpensa (MXP) and take a shuttle bus (Giosy Tours -- note: there are several shuttle bus operators calling their buses "Malpensa Express", make sure to take the one of Giosy Tours, they are the only ones going to Lugano).

Reach us by train

To reach us by train, take a Swiss Railway train. There are trains from everywhere in Switzerland (e.g., from Zurich), and also from Milano Centrale (the city center of Milan).

Reach us by car

To reach us by car, take the Swiss highway A2 from Italy or from northern Switzerland.