Informa Problem Types

Informa goes beyond the straightforward multiple-choice questions you may know from traditional hardware classroom clickers. Informa comes with an entire set of problem types, and many of them require students to construct a solution instead of simply picking the correct solution from a list. Below is a table with Informa's problem types. For some of them you can find more information (including screenshots of example problems) by following the links.

Name in Paper Name in Informa GUI Description
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Show a textual list, ask to select one or multiple list items, histogram for aggregate visualization
Syntax Text Highlight Show a text, ask to select multiple regions in the text, aggregate visualization of selections using color intensity
Typing Infer Type Show source code with an expression highlighted, ask students to infer the type of that expression
Coding Text Edit Show a short requirement statement, provide editor for writing the solution as code
n/a Graph Show a textual representation of some artifact (e.g., Java code, XML, ...), a problem statement, and a set of node types and edge types, ask to create a graph consisting of labeled nodes and edges of the given types (generalization of Java Flow Chart problem type)
n/a Stack and Heap Diagram Provide Java source code, ask to draw a diagram of heap objects and stack frames, showing variables (local, parameter, instance) with their types and values, representing references as arrows in the diagram
n/a Regular Expression Show a regular expression and a text, ask to highlight match (including groups)
Coding Java Coding
(superseded by Text Edit)
Show a short requirement statement, provide editor for writing the solution as code (with Java syntax highlighting)
Control Flow Java Flow Chart
(superseded by Graph)
Show Java source code, ask to draw corresponding flow chart in a diagram editor
n/a Timing Diagram
Show a digital logic circuit and the signals at its inputs, ask to draw the signals at various points in the circuit
n/a Scatter Plot Point Selection
Show a scatter plot, ask students to select one or more Pareto points, visualize by showing all selections, visual aides to explain Pareto frontier