Real-World Applications

The following table shows our suite of twelve real-world interactive applications we chose for our experiments on GUI performance testing. All applications are open source Java programs based on the standard AWT/Swing GUI toolkit. The table shows that our applications range in size from 34 classes to over 45000 classes (not including runtime library classes).

Application Version Date Classes Description Download
Arabeske 2.0.1 (stable) <2004-04 222 Arabeske pattern texture editor ara-2.0.1.jar
ArgoUML 0.28 2009-03 5349 UML Case Tool argouml-0.28/
CrosswordSage 0.3.5 2005-10 34 Crossword puzzle editor 0.3.5/
Euclide 0.5.2 2009-04 398 Geometry construction kit Euclide 0.5.2/
FreeMind 0.8.1 2008-01 1909 Mind mapping editor 0.8.1/
GanttProject 2.0.9 2008-12 5288 Gantt chart editor 2.0.9/
jEdit 2.7pre3 2000-11 1150 Programmer's text editor 2.3pre7/
JFreeChart Time 1.0.13 2009-04 1667 Chart library, demo showing temporal data 1.0.13/
JHotDraw Draw 7.1 2008-03 1146 Vector graphics editor JHotDraw 7.1/
Jmol 11.6.21 2009-04 1422 Chemical structure viewer Version 11.6.21/
LAoE 0.6.03 2003-05 688 Audio sample editor v0.6.03/
NetBeans Java SE 6.5.1 2009-05 45367 Integrated development environment 6.5.1/

We chose applications from a wide range of application domains. We mostly focused on programs that provide rich interaction styles, where the user interacts with a visual representation (e.g. a diagram, or a sound wave). These kinds of applications are often more performance-critical than simple form-based programs where users just select menu items, fill in text fields, and click buttons. We use CrosswordSage, FreeMind, and GanttProject because they have been selected as subjects in prior work on GUI-testing.